Future Prospects for
Kuma Shochu

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Future Prospects for Kuma Shochu
〜The future of Fusanotsuyu〜

“Of course, our staple product is Kuma shochu," Vice President Tsutsumi says emphatically when asked about the future of the company. "However, rice shochu is still not as well-known even in Tokyo, a major consumption area, as is potato or barley shochu."
"Plus we are diversifying our product line by developing a new sweet potato shochu, utilizing the know-how we have accumulated through the production of 'Kuratake,' and we are selling the high-end shochu blended with barley and rice aged for more than 30 years, he adds. "Considering the demand in Tokyo, we are putting much effort into making this sweet potato shochu!"
The company continues to look into more ways to raise awareness of Kuma shochu, which is made with rice. One of the measures taken is opening Standing Bar in Shinbashi, Tokyo, where it's the mecca for businessmen. "Both 'Kuratake' and 'Ogonkyo' are offered along with fresh fish and shellfish from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture," says Vice President Tsutsumi.
The combination of such dishes and distinctive Kuma shochu born in a hidden village deep in the mountains, sounds very interesting. In addition to their directly-managed bar in Shinbashi, the company's aspiration is to make full use of this year's Kumamoto Sake/Shochu Kanpai Exhibition to introduce the line of shochu 'Kuratake', 'Ogonkyo' and other Fusanotsuyu shochu products to people in all urban areas.