The Secret Story of the Maker

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A story about Fusanotsuyu
that you will want to tell your friends about

How the company, with its roots in miso and soy sauce production, came to distill Kuma shochu

In 1907, the company was founded originally for the production of miso and soy sauce - and it was originally named 'Tsutsumi Shoten'.
People didn't mingle with others as much then since transportation wasn't well developed, particularly in Hitoyoshi Basin. The area was even called an "isolated district on land."  So Hitoyoshi Basin had to be self-sufficient for most of its food - and miso and soy sauce were indispensable seasonings at that time.  'Tsutsumi Shoten' made a dark-colored soy sauce they called 'Kin,' which means Gold in English. Tsutsumi Shoten's miso and soy sauce must have been worth a lot to be equivalent to gold for many people in the Kuma region!
Eventually, as roads were improved and distribution spread, more products from big enterprises came into the Kuma Region. Gradually, the company's sales of gold 'Kin' declined. So the company set their sights on shochu.
Shochu, like miso and soy sauce, is made through the fermentation of koji mold. So using their knowledge of the technology of miso fermentation, the company renamed itself Fusanotsuyu Co., Ltd., and began production of Kuma shochu in 1912. The shochu which was atmospherically-distilled, had a deep richness and powerful aroma of koji.

Their current brand 'Ginjo Fusanotsuyu' is made with a yellow malted rice and vacuum-distilled using a yeast, both that are well suited for sake making. Thus 'Ginjo Fusanotsuyu" retains the sweet flavor of rice. Fusanotsuyu Co., Ltd. with its roots in miso and soy sauce production, now distills lovely, light Kuma shochu. And the place where the miso machines were, is now lined with barrels for aging shochu, with no vestiges of the past miso and soy production remaining.